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COPA-Truck IVECO with Fras-Le Design
Copa Truck Brazil Logo

Official and exclusive supplier of brake pads to COPA TRUCK

The COPA TRUCK in Brazil, is the

official championship for truck


Fras-Le is the official supplier of brake pads to the championship. Which means all drivers are running on Fras-le brakes.

Truck Racing - COPA TRUCK Brazil, Fras-Le Motorsprt

Truck racing is simply one of the most unique forms of motorsport in the world and, weighing in at a mighty 5 and a half tons, they are the real heavyweights of the racing world. But despite their weight and size, trucks are incredibly agile and are capable of rubber burning power slides, especially when blasting out of a hairpin!

Truck racing provides an important insight into the behaviour of brake pads as encountered on the roads. Racing trucks brake from speeds of 160 kph and at consequent energy levels 60% higher per stop than those encountered during normal use.

Racing therefore, provides an accelerated test bed for what can happen to a set of brake pads (and discs) during their normal service lifetime. Over the years, Fras-Le have tested their pads on many racing vehicles and have always received outstanding feedback regarding their quality, performance and durability.


To slow a 5,500kgs truck from 100 mph in racing style at nearly every corner of a race track consistently on every lap during a race, the air brake system and brake components have to be of the highest standard. To assist and keep the performance over a full race duration each brake disc is internally  sprayed with a fine mist of water to help to dissipate the enormous heat generation. One of the most common reasons for a truck retiring or crashing during a race is generally due to brake component failure!

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