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Fras-le announces new appointments to bolster brand following acquisition

Fras-le, owner of the Juratek braking brand, has announced a number of appointments to support its growth in the UK automotive aftermarket.


Paul Gibson has joined the company as CV Sales Manager working across the product portfolio of Fras-le and Juratek brands. He brings a proven sales track record in the commercial vehicle aftermarket and his role will be pivotal in driving Juratek sales and supporting the customer base with the introduction of Fras-le products in the UK.


Matt Leeming, marketing manager at Juratek said: “Paul’s extensive experience in commercial vehicle friction channels positions him well to make a significant impact in the company and we wish him lots of success.”


Additionally, Marshall Peters, previously a Junior Product Manager and warehouse operative at Juratek, has been promoted to the role of Product Manager. In this new capacity, Peters will focus on managing and developing Juratek's product range, ensuring competitiveness and relevance in the market.


His rapid rise within the company reflects both Juratek’s and Fras-le’s dedication to career development and internal talent cultivation.


Leeming adds: “We’re delighted to see Marshall move up the ranks as his dedication and skillset make him an asset to the company. We’re building on our team, knowledge, relationships, and customer service to fully support the business for the future.”


Fras-le's entry into the UK market comes at a time when the transportation and logistics industry is undergoing transformative changes. As the demand for efficient and reliable commercial vehicles continues to rise, Fras-le's CV braking systems are set to address this demand, offering a perfect blend of performance, durability, and innovation.


At Juratek, the emphasis on data-driven decisions and a commitment to quality sets it apart from competitors, aligning well with Fras-le's global strategy of innovation and excellence.


Leeming says: “These new appointments represent a strategic alignment of values and objectives between Fras-le and Juratek, aimed at driving growth and market expansion.


“As the transportation landscape evolves, Fras-le's commitment to delivering cutting-edge CV braking solutions ensures that it will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of brake systems in the UK.”


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